Monica Winge’s home page

PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences, Affiliated Researcher at DSV-SU, expert in medical informatics (with focus on patient-centered collaborative and coordinated health and social care).

Monica have worked 20 years as a nurse mostly in trauma- and neuro-surgery and as a primary nurse. She has experience as a manager in primary care and in palliative care.

Her experience includes being senior advisor, expert e-health, project manager, program manager, enterprise architecht and chief strategic manager in ICT,  which has also involved leading various research projects.

Hence, she have much experience of working with research and development projects in health and social care, medical informatics,  processes, enterprise architecture, standardisation, service innovation, focusing on collaboration, coordination and the needs and value creation for patients and elderly supported by digital models and solutions.

Her work has been regional (municipalities and county councils in Sweden), National (Sweden) and International (EU, India, Japan, Africa, China and other).