Work experience

2011- ongoing,  Affiliated Researcher at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University (DSV)

  • Own Research in collaborative and patient-centered health and social care,
  • Project at eGovLab

2011- ongoing,  Owner of WBC

  • Senior Advisor, Globhe AB ( 2016-ongoing), Drones in Africa.
  • Consultant at ECDC (2015), Enterprise Architecture.
  • Consultant at SCI (Swedish Care International AB), Development and execution as only speaker in an education program in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanjing), 2012-2013. The program consisted of education of 800 Hospital Directors in health management with focus on patient centered leadership, team building and effective use of resources.
  • Senior Advisor, Swedish care international (SCI),
  • Senior advisor to InterCare Connexions AB. Supporting in development of business models and strategies for value patient centered based care, (2011- ongoing)
  • Senior advisor to Centric Labs AB. Supporting development of an international program, report and seminar in home care. Lund 2012-2013. Expert in e-Health and health management. Strategic advisor in eHealth and value creation care processes.
  • Member of the jury award (IT i vården priset ), Dagen Medicin “ (2012- ongoing)
  • Development of Development of  “mognadstrappan” (maturity steps). Criteria for assessing the ” IT I vården priset ‘, jury award. Dagens medicin.  (2012)
  • Member of the External Expert Group (EEG) eHealth expert in a FP7 Project RICHARD, coordinated by Italy, Participated as an expert in project performance and strategic planning, in basic eHealth, in Standardization, in patient-centered care. (2011-2013)
  • Feasibility study, analysis the need for health care, water and food production in Burundi, Carpe Vitam Foundation. Strategic coordinator for OMG (Open Mind Global) mobile eHealth to support training centers in the rural area in Africa, Burundi, (2012-2013),
  • Key-note-speaker at collaboration seminars on eHealth, Department of IT(DIT) and CDAC, Government of India (2010, 2011 and 2012). The lectures focused on eHealth strategies with focus on a patient centered development and on Swedish almost 40 years of experience in IT development in health care- successes as well as setbacks and failures.
  • Expert on assessment model evaluation for funding eHealth projects for TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), 2011

2008-2012 – VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

  • Program manager and expert in e-Health, with a focus on innovation, new care concepts and business models based on patient needs,
  • Swedish member of the General Assembly for AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) Joint Programme, ICT for an aging population), (Joint Programmes, Article 173)
  • Swedish contact person (NCP) and program manager for AAL at VINNOVA,
  • Swedish representative in the General Assembly for AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) ICT for an aging population. Joint Programme (Article 173), 23 participating countries,
  • VINNOVA representative on the Advisory Group on “IT Strategy for eHealth”, Swedish Ministry of Health,
  • Steering Committee Chairmen of the national project “Hälsa genom e: eHälsorapporten2010” (eHealth Report 2010), which developed an innovation strategy for eHealth. The strategy includes industry, research and care activities,
  • Chairmen of the Steering Group of DIGTH2. Implementation of patient-centered Information structures in India’s national health care platform. The work was based on a MoU between the Ministry of Industry (Sweden) and the Department of IT, DIT (India),
  • Chairmen of steering Committee for eHealth Accelerator – Swecare  to support Swedish eHealth suppliers in an international market,
  • Steering Committee Member of the program VINNVÅRD, (a programme for ehealth and collaboration)
  • Project manager for a market analysis of global eHealth and elderly care in Japan and U.S, with the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis,
  • Participant in a number of ministerial delegations of the Ministry of Health to Japan and India in the role of “Expert in e-Health and elderly care”,
  • Key-note-speaker at collaboration seminars on eHealth at DIT (Department of IT) of the Government of India. Puna, Dec 2010
  • Key-note speaker, Conference at C-DAC- DIT (Department of IT, Government of India), Bangalore, Dec 2011,

2006-2007, National Board of Health and Welfare, Commission of the Swedish government.

  • Project manager of the national government project, National information structure for healthcare. The project was a part of the Swedish national strategy of e-Health.

2004-2008, Karolinska Institute – LIME (Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics),

  • Masters in Health Informatics. Affiliated lecturer, project manager and researcher in a number in eHealth projects.

2003-2004, Karolinska Hospital, Management Board,

  • Project management of IT strategy and IT architecture for Karolinska hospital, Stockholm.
  • Project management for the IT forum, the county board of Stockholm.

2000-2001, Karolinska Hospital, IT and management, Project manager for IT strategic projects and IT architecture in a number of research project for homecare and elderly. Participated in development of the IT strategy for Karolinska hospital, Stockholm.

1996-2000, Stockholm county council – Management, palliative care. Manager with responsibility for building a unit for advanced care at home. The organization had the role to conduct palliative care. I was building up the organization from the start that resulted in a team-based organization that had focus on creating a safe, quality and coordinated cares for patients in palliative care.

1973-1996, Stockholm county council – Health, social and elderly care. Nurse in areas such as palliative care, care for the elderly, emergency medical care and surgery.

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